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SB 233 aka School Vouchers 

  • Diverts public funds from schools serving majority Black students and majority living in poverty at a cost of up to $150 million.

  • State lawmakers concerned about Georgia’s children should reject SB 233 and consider legislation like SB 284 or HB 668 which provide additional funding for students who need it most.

  • In addition to contacting your state Representative and Senator, contact the Education Committee Chair, Rep. Chris Erwin

SB 140

Bans transgender youth from receiving gender-affirming healthcare. Hospitals and related facilities can’t provide sex reassignment surgery or hormone replacement therapy to people under 18 years old. 

Passed both chambers; Kemp is expected to sign:

SB 92 aka Attorneys Oversight Commission Bill

Establishes a Prosecuting Attorneys Oversight Commission and subverts the voters rights to choose who they want.

Amongst other things, seeks to limit funding used by local government to make up for the lack funding provided by the State to conduct our elections.

Was not voted on:

HB 71 aka Okefenokee Protection Act

Prohibits the Georgia Environmental Protection Division from granting, renewing, or modifying a surface mining permit along Trail Ridge—the dam-like geological formation that keeps the Okefenokee intact. 

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